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Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Registration for this season will open May 11, 2024 at 8:00 am. Login to your account at: https://fcgators.swimtopia.com/ to signup for volunteer positions.

You will be asked to register. Last year’s registration has been removed.

You will then see the 5 swim meets and 1 Meet of Champions meet. Sign up for a minimum of 5 points per family. Families that do not complete their volunteer points will be penalized.

Select a meet. Select a position. Descriptions are below. There may be additional positions available on the job signup, which will be described there. Click on box with the position you want to Volunteer.

Meets are divided into 1st and 2nd shifts, along with setup and cleanup. You can sign up for 2 or more shifts in the same meet, but it does make for a long night. Once a position has all the required volunteers, it will show FULL.

If you can’t fulfill your position, let [email protected] know as soon as possible. Your points will not be credited if you cancel or do not show up. Failure to reach 50 points per family is not acceptable and may result in suspension from the team or ineligible to join in future seasons or other.

Swim Team Job Descriptions


  • Two from each team needed for each half of meet. Two additional from each team required during Relay Events.Training: 
  • Must attend annual league clinic.
  • Determines if swimmer completed entire swim event according to league rules and concerning the relay start, body position, arm stroke, leg kick, stroke order, turns and finishes.


  • Home meets only, minimum of one for each half of meet.
  • Training: must attend annual league clinic.
  • Determines that all lanes are properly filled with eligible swimmers for the event
  • Determines that all swimmers are in proper start position in each lane
  • Starts the event with an air horn or some other type of alarm. (Whistles are no longer allowed)
  • Determines that all swimmers properly begin the event, disqualifies swimmers who did not. (False Start: Each swimmer 6 to 12 are given two chances, swimmers 13 & up are disqualified after only one false start.)


  • Home meets only – minimum of one for each half of meet.
  • Announces individual events, plus disqualifications, as they occur and facilitates the meets.


  • Two from each team needed for each half of meet.
  • Scores individual events and totals running score at meets


  • Nine from each team plus one backup timer for each half of meet
  • Operates a stopwatch for each heat in their assigned lane and provides time to the lane scribe.


  • Three from each team for each half of meet
  • Records time and Swimmer ID# on a time sheet and records DQ if applicable


  • Places swimmers for each event in order on ready benches as listed on heating sheets


  • Two to three for each age group, depending on size
  • Marks ID # and events on swimmer's hands
  • Takes Roll before meet start to determine no shows
  • Adjusts heats as necessary
  • Gets age group swimmers to ready bench before start of event
  • Locates swimmers who are not in ready bench order
  • Must enjoy working with children!!!


  • Home meets only - Monday afternoon before meets
  • Be available at pool to set up for meet, string flags, wire speakers, set up chairs, canopies, etc.


  • Two per meet
  • Computer experience required
  • Enter swimmer's times from time cards into Hytek-Team Manager Software


  • Ready and willing to fill in for any missing volunteer position
  • Help with age group parents hand marking during warmup
  • Replace missing volunteers or no-shows in other positions as necessary


  • Home meets only, Monday PM approximately 30 minutes.
  • Take down flags, speakers, straighten tables, chairs, etc. Pick up all trash, lost and found items, put away canopies, put away lane towels, put away lake fencing etc.


  • Organizes ribbons on deck.
  • Refills ribbon boxes as needed. 
  • Helps swimmers pick the appropriate ribbon on their way out of the pool. 


  • Manages trash outside of the pool.
  • Checks bathrooms.
  • Helps take down or move tents when necessary, depending on the shift.
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