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Gators of the Week

Gator of the week is a special award handed out by each age group coach to the swimmer(s) that most deserve it for that week. Some of the criteria used to determine Gator of the Week are great improvement, great work ethic, great team spirit, good sportsmanship, and a positive attitude. The coaches spend a lot of time deciding which swimmer(s) most deserve Gator of the Week. They will each receive recognition and a special gift from the coaches.

Week of June 14-18
6U - Natalie Hanhan and Andy Correa
7-10 Bronze - Molly McCauley & Leo Thistlewaite
7-10 Silver - Olivia Hanhan and Thomas Hadley
7-10 Gold - Victoria Bujak and Gus Hirsekorn
11-12  - Emily Bujak and Eli Stanley
13-14 - Joy Fong and Adam Bismar
15-18 - Elizabeth Linehan

Speed Demon TBA after awarded on Monday

Week of June 7-11
6U - Mia Nero and Carter McCommons
7-10 Bronze - Clara Joiner and Skylar Yoo
7-10 Silver - Stella Hernandez and Davis Guidry
7-10 Gold - Haley Boyd and James McDermott
11-12 - Martina Balestrini and Nikita Dementyev
13-14 - Cyrilla Lee and Sami Diab
15-18 - Jasmine Huang

Speed Demon (biggest time drop): Ruth Gore who dropped 31 seconds on freestyle

Week of May 31-June 4
6U - Ruth Gore and Levi Landry
7-10 Bronze - Kaitlyn Grimes and August Wagner
7-10 Silver - Samantha Marinas and Logan Schiavo
7-10 Gold - Abi White and Braden Boyd
11-12 - Stephanie Jiang and Nicholas Counts
13-14 - Alana Greggs and Pierson Guidry
15-18 - Faith Fong

Week of May 24-28, 2021
6U - Charlotte Werner and Simon Thekkekara
7-10 Bronze - Parker Nesmith and Max Mecham
7-10 Silver - Shiloh Haynes and Anthony Jiang
7-10 Gold - Amelia Gore and Alessandro Ballestrini
11-12 - Emma Wang Chen and Sandro Kahler
13-14 - Anastasia Dementyev and Curtis Counts
15-18 - Caroline Hendrickson

Week of May 17-21, 2021

6U - Emily Tan and Joel Zhang
7-10 Bronze - Ethan Forman and Hailey Kim
7-10 Silver - Elizabeth Jiang and Charlie Hernandez
7-10 Gold - Gabriela Tume and Josh Werner
11-12 - Emily McKnight and Alfred Lo
13-14 - Jonah Zhang
15-18 - Elijah Wang Chen

Past Winners:

Week of June 29-July 3

6U - Samantha Marinas, August Wagner and Josh Werner
7/8s - Victoria Bujak and Quintin Marinas
9/10s - Karolina Loezos and Adam Diab
11/12s - Kyla Brown and Cameron Bible
13/14s - Sammie Vann and Joey Ushold
Opens - Malaya Cimino and Victor McManaman

Speed Demon: Logan Schavio (11 second drop in back)

Week of June 22-26

  • 6U - Kate Reichenbach and Davis Guidry
  • 7/8s - Evelyn Varnell and Charlie Hernandez
  • 9/10s - Haley Boyd and Dylan Justice
  • 11/12s - Theresa Le and Pierce Chen
  • 13/14s - Anastasia Dementyev and Joseph Bellew
  • Opens - Jasmine Huang and Alicia Scott

Speed Demon: Carter McCommons (27 second drop in Free)

Week of June 15-19

  • 6U - Stella Hernandez and Issac Hulbert
  • 7/8s - Kinsley George and Owen McDermott
  • 9/10s - Addie Severance and Anthony Schroer
  • 11/12s - Claudia Shawcross and Pierson Guidry
  • 13/14s - Katelyn Fraley and Elias Alarcon
  • Opens - Margaret Riebe and Joey Shawcross

Speed Demon: Tyler Leever (30 second drop in Back)

Week of June 8-12

  • 6U - Hannah Justice and Braden Boyd
  • 7/8s - Lucy Shawcross and Thomas Hadley
  • 9/10s - Annika Haugen and Michael Bujak
  • 11/12s - Valentina Ross and Sami Diab
  • 13/14s - Lila Schroer and Evan Collins
  • Opens - Haley Brown and Ryan Kerr
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