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July 11th - All-Stars at Don Cook (Qualification)

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The First Colony Gators are looking forward to our 36th season of swimming in the First Colony Community.  We are looking forward to another great season.  GO GATORS!


Congrats to the 13-14 girls Medley Relay of Tiffany Yan, Kayla Awadin, Allison Lee and Gloria Chen (56.72); the 13-14 girls Free Relay of Tiffany Yan, Chloe Tedjo, Allison Lee and Gloria Chen (49.56);  Gloria Chen (1:06.55 in IM); Allison Lee (31.16 in Back); and Zari O'Connor (27.51 in Fly) for breaking team records on Tuesday at All-Stars.  The Medley Relay record was from 1989!

Congrats to the following swimmers for qualifying or being called up for All-Stars:

6U - Ryan Marie Sims – Free

7-8s - Ryann Bingham – Free, Back, Relays; Reese Bingham – Free, Relays; Reese Payne – Breast, Fly, Relay;  Abir Sayed – Relay; Heidi Hunter – Relay; Bo Cimino - Fly

9-10s - Alex Wolfley – Free, Breast, Back, Relay; Ryan Fox – Free Relay;  Cyrilla Lee – Relays;
Hannah Hunter – Free Relay; Evan Payne – Relays; Yasmin Ciftci – Medley Relay; Joy Fong – Medley Relay; Max Cimino – Free, Breast, Back, Fly, Relays; Lucas Lopes – Free, Breast, Relays; Curtis Counts – Breast, Back, Relays; Sawyer Patton – Fly, Relays

11-12s - Malaya Cimino – Free

13-14s - Gloria Chen – IM, Free, Back, Fly, Relays; Allison Lee – IM, Free, Breast, Back, Fly, Relays;
Tiffany Yan – IM, Breast, Free, Back, Fly, Relays; Chloe Tedjo – IM, Breast, Free, Back, Fly, Relays; Kayla Awadin - Relay

Opens - Christy Lee – Free, Breast, Back, Fly, Relay; Jo Kate Gosda – IM, Free, Breast, Back, Fly, Relay; Hannah Chiu – IM, Breast, Back, Relay; Kristen Yan – IM, Relay; Zari O’Connor – Free, Fly, Relay; Hannah Bohnsack – Breast, Fly, Relay; Mini Ganguly – IM, Back, Relay; Amanda Lee - Relay;
Nelly Akhmadikina - Relay; Josie Muschel - Relay; Leilani Lai - Relay; Kara Medlozo - Relay;
Matthew Milad – IM, Free, Back, Fly, Relays; Aaron Pan – IM, Back, Relays; Thomas Madden – Free, Relays; Jacob Evangelista – Medley Relay; Tristan Lagoutte – Free Relay