2475 Robinsons Ferry Sugar Land TX 77479 US

Past Winners:

Week of June 3-7:

  • 6U - Samantha Marinas and Tyler Ryan
  • 7/8s - Ella Patlovich and Thomas Hadley
  • 9/10s - Reese Payne and Joshua Thekkekara
  • 11/12s - Natalie Nielsen and Pierson Guidry
  • 13/14s - Sofia Herrera
  • Open - Max White

Meet 1 Speed Demon (biggest drop) - Audrey Varnell

Week of May 27-31 :

  • 6U - Vivian Pasnik and Carter McCommons
  • 7/8s - Ella Mistretta and Sawyer Leever
  • 9/10s - Mariana Nakano and Ethan Fung
  • 11/12s - Cyrilla Lee and Adam Bismar
  • 13/14s - Richelle Rana
  • Open - Jasmine Huang

Week of May 20-24 :

  • 6U - Emily Counts and Josh Werner
  • 7/8s - Edie Wagner and Erik Clowney
  • 9/10s - Emily Bujak and Nikita Dementyev
  • 11/12s - Maggie Myers and Curtis Counts
  • 13/14s - Joseph Zhang
  • Open - Grace Herrera

Week of May 13-17:

  • 6U -  Audrey Varnell and Tyler Leever
  • 7/8s - Haley Boyd and Xinyan Fang
  • 9/10s - Kate White and Nicholas Counts
  • 11/12s - Anastasia Dementyev and Sami Diab
  • 13/14s - Haley Brown
  • Open - None

2019 Gators of the Week

Gator of the week is a special award handed out by each age group coach to the swimmer(s) that most deserve it for that week (separate award for girls and boys in 6&U, 7-8s, 9-10s, 11-12s). Some of the criteria used to determine Gator of the Week are great improvement, great work ethic, great team spirit, good sportsmanship, and a positive attitude. The coaches spend a lot of time deciding which swimmer(s) most deserve Gator of the Week. They will each receive recognition and a special gift from the coaches.

Week of June 10-14:

6U - Millie Gabrielsen and Trevor Le
7/8s - Kirana Sastradi and Leif Stanley
9/10s - Abir Sayed and Bo Cimino
11/12s - Jordan Prudencio and Fritz Hirsekorn
13/14s - Ryan Sastradi
Open - Gloria Chen

Meet 2 Speed Demon (biggest time drop) - Cameron Bible and Emily Counts